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"Now why would I care how much the damage is? We can pay for it… Well I say! Why would I have to accept responsibility? I didn't tell those dumb boys to swing on the chandelier. They should be held responsible because they drank too much… I don't know how it got spiked. Very well, I will talk to you later Daddy. Ciao!"

Rhonda hung up on her cell phone and re-examined the house. The chandelier was on the floor, the diamonds being swept up by several workmen. The walls were graphitized so badly, they would need a whole new paint-job. The stairs was littered with toilet paper, food wrappers, paper cups, and shards of glass. She went to the balcony, seeing more cups and wrappers piled next to doors. She avoided them to prevent her new shoes from getting messy.

She put her face into her hands. Why had she invited those boys? She frowned, silently making a note to never invite them again, and to have someone check them for alcohol next time. She felt like she could throttle them.

She had thrown the party of the century to celebrate going into their senior year. Everyone in the junior class had shown up, eating food, drinking punch, and socializing.

Then the party boys showed up. She knew the second they had arrived she should kick them out, away from her home. But everyone was so pleased and excited that the party was really going to start. The boys had apparently stolen some HARD liquor and spiked the punch.

"Well, that's what you get for hosting the party of the century. People play way too damn hard" thought Rhonda.
PinkLotus27's challenge. This is based off of Work Hard, Play Hard by Wiz Khalifa
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October 23, 2012
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